Your servers and storage devices are among the most important assets your business has. So, at Technoguru, we take a complete view of server management, working with you to establish your storage, access and security requirements before developing a plan that works for you. Whether the final solution is on- premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid, we ensure your business data is stored securely, while retaining speed of access and cost efficiency.

If we’re working with an existing server set-up, we’ll take the necessary steps to ensure it has all the functionality and capacity to meet your needs and remains in optimum health.

Everything for your storage device needs:

Storage servers:

Our storage servers are based on industry recognized platforms that are fully customized to the specific needs of your data center. These high-performance servers provide leading density and efficiency across a variety of form factors and deliver the mission critical reliability you require with fully redundant, fault-tolerant architecture.

Storage Area Network:

Consisting of a high-speed network of storage devices that connects with servers, storage area network (SAN) can be accessed by applications running on any networked server. Not only does it remove storage from servers and places it in a location that can be accessed by any application, but separating storage from servers frees up servers for other tasks not related to storage. Designed for managing large amounts of network block level storage, SAN devices include tape libraries and disk-based devices, like RAID hardware. Though SAN storage has existed for years, its ever-increasing performance is based on network topology.


  • Increased flexibility and performance
  • High availability
  • Improves storage utilization
  • Fast transfer times
  • Supports wide area networks
  • Compatible with Ethernet or fiber


  • Complex topology
  • Expensive
  • May be difficult to manage

Types of storage solutions available:

Direct Attached Storage

Direct Attached Storage is a kind of digital storage where it is directly attached to devices. It provides highest bandwidth and access speeds for data storage.

Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network specializes in high speed, it provide access to to shared storage resources and servers. It eliminates access issues found in other storage networks.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is one of the best option since you don’t have to take burden of any local storage solutions and it provides offsite backup in case if local storage fails.

Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage offers a good combination of benefits of a traditional cloud storage and local hard drive. It is best suited for enterprise business.

TechnoGuru data backup and storage services include:

• Backup infrastructure setup, installation and configuration.

• Regular change and configuration management

• Performance monitoring and management.