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Switches and Routers are the traffic coordinators of your network infrastructure. These helps in moving packets of binary data from one component to another on the same network, or from one network to another. As the numbers of IT infrastructure devices, applications, and network connections grow and traffic volume increases, so, too, does the importance of switches and routers to your network performance and user productivity.

Layer 2 Switch (L2)

A Layer 2 switch also referred as  Multiport bridge is a type of switch or device that works on the data link layer. It basically uses hardware based switching techniques to connect & transmit data in a LAN. Layer 2 switch is quite fast as they do not look at the layer 3 portion of the data packets. However, like other switches a layer 2 switch cannot transmit packet on IP addresses and don’t have any mechanism to prioritize packets based on sending/receiving application.

Layer 3 Switch (L3)

A Layer 3 switch also referred to as a multilayer switch is like a high speed router without WAN connectivity. Layer 3 switch acts as a switch because it connects devices  that are on the same IP subnet or virtual LAN and it performs at or near wire speed. It can support routing protocols, inspect incoming packets and can even make routing decisions based on the source and destination addresses. Layer 3 switch adds a ton of flexibility to a network and acts both like a switch and a router.

Technoguru employs best-of-breed routing and switching technologies as part of the total infrastructure solutions. The company has certified resources in the design, deployment and support of advanced networks from the edge to the network core. Easy Solutions and Services deliver a wide range of networking products from enterprise to small business routers and switches. Below are some models we provide: